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AgentBizPro was founded on a single belief: real estate is a marketing business, not a selling business. To build and sustain a thriving real estate business, it’s essential that you Master Your Marketing!

We are committed to creating the best marketing materials we can for our customers to give them the exposure they need for their professional services. The principles our designs come from are grounded in the same basic philosophies of advertising that have proven successful throughout history. As a business or even private individual, you must look upon yourself as a “product,” and you must market yourself as such. For the same reasons consumers choose one athletic shoe, hamburger or soft drink over the others, they will choose you over your competitors if you market yourself properly. We believe, selling is "convincing" somebody to do something that perhaps they neither want to do or perhaps are not ready to do, while marketing, is "attracting" someone to do business with you! Our belief that marketing is the key element to any business success. You've got to attract people to doing business with you thru marketing strategies, and not try and just "sell" your services.

From our grass roots beginning, our primary focus has not changed, and that is “helping you build your business” by attracting more customers to do business with you. Our services include branding logo design, brochure, flyer and postcard design, website design, mobile and tablet conversion of your website, search engine optimization to get you found on the internet and social media programs. When you have the right tools to tell your story, you get great results. We take pride in helping our clients grow, thrive and prosper. And we enjoy the relationships we build along the way.

Lesson 1: You are the product.
Lesson 2: Market the product.

Marketing materials that get the “come list me” calls flowing.
There are tons of houses, more than a million agents, only one YOU. Personal marketing is all about telling your story. Creating awareness. Making connections. Building relationships. Everything that goes into positioning you as the agent-of-choice in your market. AgentBizPro has built its reputation on creating the most effective marketing tools for the real estate industry. By crafting a story around you—your background and experience, interests and values—we establish you as the real estate pro clients want to call first.

We have found that doing bits and pieces of marketing for agents doesn’t help. You probably have a little Hobbs Herder, a bit of Brian Buffini and some old Realtor farm postcards lying around your office right now. We help you succeed by forming a comprehensive marketing plan, targeting the area that you want to work in and then implementing the plan for you. If you need a professional blog, custom Facebook page or even help with your newsletter, that is all included in the monthly cost. The only added expenses you usually have are for your hosting fees and any IDX solution that you choose to pay for, although many times we can incorporate the IDX that is provided by your company or board.

We are committed to offering the best marketing materials to our customers success!

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