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Real Estate Objection Scripts
includes booklet and CD for $199

What’s different about this package? Complete recordings to listen to and internalize as you drive or on the treadmill as you exercise! PLUS actual printable transcripts of all 109 Objection Handlers. There are 109 recorded objection handlers for every possible situation in selling Real Estate. A downloadable MP3 and PDF booklet. Possibly the largest and most practical collection of Real Estate objection handlers ever compiled. Real “streetwise” solutions. Multiple answers for every conceivable selling situation.

Commission cutting, dealing with the competition, lead generation objections, dealing with the “fence sitters”, pricing it right, FSBO’s, Expireds, “we want to think it over”, price reductions, “we have a friend in the business”, etc., etc., etc… everything is covered in this package! Techniques for digging deeper, techniques for cutting to the chase, techniques for eliminating every challenge so you can move forward.

Simply put these CDs in your car and listen to the over 100 responses… this package alone will increase your confidence immeasurably! Get on board, have us send you all 109 objections. Feel confident with every conversation!

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